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tire3Carlisle Fairway Pro Tires

The Carlisle Fairway Pro is an excellent durable turf tire that are typically used on Golf Carts. For those of us who like to “pimp out” our golf carts and need a good set of rubbers, this is a great choice. Take our word for it fellas, the ladies like a sweet golf cart with a nice set of Carlisle tires! These look sweet, ride nice and will hold up for a long time! For more options check out our full line of turf tires.

Fairway Pro Tire Details

– Carlisle Fairway Pro Tires are sold individually.
– In most cases our Carlisle Fairway Pro Tires ship out within 1 business day!
– 4 ply tire.
– Excellent Turf Tire for Golf Cart or lawn equipment.
– 815 lbs. max load at 10mph
– No lift kit required.
– Recommended rim size: 8×7
– Tire weight: 11.8 lbs.