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Grove profielband voor maximale grip tijdens het offroad rijden




EFX Blade Golf Car Tires

The EFX Blade is most commonly used on lifted golf carts as well as ATV or mini utv applications. This tire can be used in a variety of terrains from cruising down the street to hunting in the hills. It’s all terrain tread design offers excellent traction in most terrains.The 14 inch Blade also offers a Radial design to ensure a smooth and great ride. It is also DOT approved so you can run this tire on the highway legally without having to worry about running from the cops.

Blade Tire Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
Max Load PSI Weight
22×11-10 4 (.25″) 1000# 20# 20
23×10.5-12 4 (.25″) 1000# 20# 22
23x10R-14 6 (.25″) 1000# 20# 21