When it’s time to upgrade parts or add accessories to your golf cart, let us help you out! We carry lots of parts and accessories from all major manufacturers, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for lying around on a shelf your part can be ordered mostly within a week. Hard-to-find parts are not a problem as well, as we work closely together with major suppliers in both Europe and USA.

Golf carts are different in a wide array of ways. Those differences make no difference at Bonaire Cruisers as our team of technicians can repair any kind of golf cart. One of the reasons we are able to make repairs so easily is due to our vast surplus of custom golf cart parts. The part you need is usually in stock and if it is not, we will have it shipped right away. Our services go beyond just parts as we carry an collection of golf carts. If you are looking to rent a golf cart, we can also help you out.

Parts and accessories are just a complementary service of Bonaire cruisers and is your one-stop-shop for custom golf cart parts on Bonaire.