Like you’re used from us we try to deliver the best service as possible!

Bonaire cruisers offers now complete packages for your stay over on Bonaire

You can choose:

Stay & Drive or Stay, Drive & Dive.

Our new carts where you can easily take 2 or more tanks. so you can drive around the island and dive at one of the best shore diving spots in the world

We joined forces with Plaza Beach & Dive Resort the biggest and most beautiful

beach resort on Bonaire, to give you the best vacation experience ever!!!

At this moment there is a complete renovation going on, as part of their ongoing commitment to enhance the experience of the hotel guests, they are completely updating their resort.

The amazing new magnapool is already completed.

The magnesium in MagnaPool® minerals naturally detoxifies and balances your body, which means it can help to relieve stress, anxiety, aches and pains. Plus, as a result of the natural flocculating properties of the minerals, together with the glass media, the pool water stays crystal clear.

On top of this there is the added environmental benefit of less reliance on harsh chemicals. The minerals required are both nourishing and healthy for plants, so your diluted backwash water can even be used to water your garden.

Also they opened their new fancy Beach Bar.

Here you can enjoy the most beautiful views directly at the Caribbean Sea.

Don’t be amazed if you see a pot of dolphins passing by or watch a big yellowfin tuna hunting baitfish.

And there is a marina at the resort.

Here you can rent boats, sailboats, kayaks and the best of all go…

Big Game Fishing (my favorite hobby) Blue & White Marlin, Sailfish, deep drop for swordfish. Catch your dinner Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo