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What to bring with you!

The most important : GOOD MOOD!!

We care about our island and it’s beautiful environment . Help protecting our Reefs!!! If you plan to go into the water at the beach then please use reef save sunscreen, but!!! The best way to protect both yourself and the environment may be to cover most of your body with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) clothing—or even just a plain old T-shirt, which has found to offer excellent protection. You’ll still have to apply sunscreen to exposed skin, but you’ll need far less—up to half the amount—than you might if you were in a bathing suit.

Overall, Bringing a reusable water bottle is clearly better for the environment in countless ways. They use less oil, release less carbon dioxide, they won’t pack our landfills, and they’re good for water in general.

Water shoes are preferable because we have a lot of coral beaches. Wearing a water shoe with a good sole can help prevent scrapes when you walk over crushed coral and prevents you from slipping and potentially taking a nasty fall!